Our traditions
One of the secrets of our renowned cuisine is undoubtedly the excellent quality and diversity of our raw materials

From the farmhouse to the market... and to your table.
The farmhouse was the centre of family life, a home and also a unit of agricultural exploitation.  

The farms and farmsteads of the Basque Country produce renowned delicacies for the Basque tables: homegrown vegetables and chickens and calves reared and fed on their pastures. This passion for the land has forged the "baserri" culture which has been so deeply rooted in the Basque Country for generations. 

The sea also forms part of the Basque identity. As far back as the 16th century, Basque sailors were considered to be the best in the world due to the skill and bravery shown by the Basque whalers. Nowadays, this tradition is still alive and well in the lively Basque ports where the "arrantzales"  unload their highly prized catch in the fish markets, markets and restaurants of the Basque Country.    

These fresh products fill our markets, fairs and marketplaces. One of the oldest, Ordizia Market, has been a meeting point for "baserritarras" and buyers for more than 500 years.

And from the market to the table, to the tables of Basque homes, from the traditional "txokos" and gastronomic societies to the numerous restaurants and grills that can be found throughout our territory. All of them have a common denominator: respect for tradition and the know-how inherited from our elders; especially from our "amamas"  who kept and treasured the secrets and recipes that have made traditional Basque cuisine famous.  

*baserri: farmhouse
*arrantzales : fishermen
*baserritarras : farmers

*txokos: food clubs
*amamas : grandmothers